Africa Week One | Community Service & Yoga Retreat

Posted on Jan 9, 2017

The second largest continent in the world ranging well over 30 million square kilometers and housing 54 countries is also the home to a small self-sustainable village located approximately only 40kms from the base of the African icon, Mount Kilimanjaro. This village to us is known as Rainbow Ridge and has been the epicenter of our attention over the passing years. This same, secluded, heartwarming and spirited community is also where our adventurous tribe of good doers will be spending the first week of their community service and yoga retreat.

Communicating only via limited internet connection and the odd text message or two it can proudly be announced that our team made up of members from the livingroom, Dharma Shala, Communities Assist and A Sound Life have all made it safe and sound to Rainbow Ridge, Tanzania sporting nothing shy of ear-to-ear smiles from both locals and volunteers alike.


Over the next two-weeks our 13 strong volunteers will venture through the low flat plains of the African wilderness, the green lit jungle and the crispy white coast-lines as they strive to achieve a life of continual self-sustainability for the community at rainbow ridge, including the 30 gorgeous orphaned children that bring laughter to our ears.

As the days of week one roll over with heat and dust our volunteers are able to really embrace the true reality that is rainbow ridge.

With the typical day starting with the break of a light glistening dawn and a stretch through asana, promoting good health through mind, body and soul. This exercise is not only creating a positive state of well-being but also shaping the intentions of the day, before heading out for departure toward Rainbow Ridge following a light breakfast.


Here as they try not to gaze to longingly at the wonder that is Mount Kilimanjaro itself, our team of crusaders work among the community to enrich and empower, to inspire and to be inspired, to create and to be creative. It is only together that a community so fulfilling can prosper.

Getting our hands dirty has seen yoga, a form of relaxation, union and awareness be introduced to the locals. Yoga practice and meaning, with us following the simplicity of “service to humanity is the source and goal of yoga”, is not the only avenue covered for week one. Through the hard work and joy of A Sound Life, music through drums, guitars and further instruments will ring soothing sounds through Rainbow Ridge and the neighboring regions.


As our band of beautiful souls develop not only each other, they will grow through their experiences of unmeasured giving and incomprehensible acceptance in a new world of ease, happiness, love, laughter.


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