We understand that most Yoga classes are very well attended by women, which is a wonderful thing of course!

We also acknowledge the feedback we receive from men who feel they could benefit from Yoga but feel discouraged to practice solo alongside a room full of experienced women, especially the older gentlemen of our community.

This is why we are offering one class every week for older men to attend:

Mondays 8-9am

This class is a light Yoga practice at more of a beginners level, often working with any injuries of attendees.

Please arrive 10-15mins early to the class to register & pay.

We are offering this class at the discounted rate of $15 as it is our chosen community class which we send all funds raised to our charity of choice Communities Assist. You can pay with cash or card. You may also use your current Livingroom pass, but this will mean you are charged normal rates for the session.