Ange discovered yoga in 2011. She was living in Melbourne working in a fast-paced public relations agency. She was overworked, stressed and seeking the internal calm she heard yoga could offer. After a few months of practice she signed up for a 40 day challenge and that was it, the practice had worked its magic and she was hooked. She found a quiet, expansive home within herself – a pivotal moment in her life.

Yoga has grown with and shaped Ange to be the woman she is today. The philosophical offering informs her life off the mat just as much as it does on the mat, a firm believer in the science and intelligence of yoga. She holds the sacred practice in the highest regard and seeks to pay ultimate respect to the ancient tradition that is yoga.

If she had to choose a favourite pose, it would be Ardho Mukha Svasasana – downward facing dog. Ange finds it offers a place of arrival, a place to check in, connect body, breath and mind, and find home-base. A simple but such an effective posture at every level. Ange has been guided through her teaching journey by Duncan Peak, Shiva Rea, Sarah Owens and is certified as a Gendai Reiki-Ho practitioner. Her thirst for knowledge and endless curiosity means she will always to be a student to the practice.

About The Livingroom

The Livingroom was the first studio Ange practiced at when moving to Sydney is 2014. The light, magical energy and pull of mama ocean only comes second to the beautiful souls the studio attracts. Ange said the yoga family at the Livingroom is truly something special. She views the opportunity to share the practice and hold space for the community as an honour.

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