Dara began her yoga journey 15 years ago whilst studying to be an actor, where a daily yoga practice was incorporated into morning classes.  After graduating, Dara continued to practice yoga, which created many positive changes in her life, she then felt the need to follow her heart and become a yoga teacher. Throughout the following three years Dara completed an “Advanced Diploma in Yoga Teacher Training” at Nature Care College in Sydney,  training under the exceptional teachings of Sindar Kaur, Marian McNaught, Sally Flynn and Mark Breadner.

In 2009, Dara journeyed through turbulent waters, which she feels her consistent yoga practice got her through, which then inspired her to travel to Rishikesh in India to practice in depth Hatha yoga and deepen her spiritual practice.  Since then Dara has returned to India many times, spending recent years in Thirumalaikodi with her teacher Sri Narayani Amma, practicing Bhakti yoga and service to humanity.  Throughout the years Dara has been blessed to practice yoga with Clive Sheridan, Yogrishi Vishvketu, Mark Whitwell and Shiva Rea and is incredibly grateful for the inspiration and positive influence they each have had on her personal practice.

In the past few years Dara has held yoga retreats in Bali, Australia, India and most recently in Ireland while also training yoga teachers in Dublin.

“All the knowledge we seek is in our hearts, use the tools (yoga being one of many) to remember who you truly are. How blessed we are to have the opportunity to return to our true nature – peace, love and joy through this ancient practice. ”

About the livingroom

“When I walk into The Livingroom a sense of home immediately surrounds me. It is a place to connect to my true self and the Divine. It is a healing place that draws in people who are willing to take the road of self-healing. The teachers, students and healing practitioners have formed a beautiful community of like-minded individuals who all have something unique and special to offer.”