Diogo discovered yoga whilst reading surfing magazines and learning that more pro surfers were including yoga in their training routine due to the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits for both their professional and personal lives.

Diogo’s initial yoga teacher training was in Brazil in 2005 where he completed the Aruna Power Yoga course. In 2006 he attended a second yoga teacher training course focusing on Vipasana Meditation. In Australia, he studied with Simon Borg-Olivier from 2009 until 2013, in that same year Diogo immersed himself into the Satyananda Yoga Ashram in the Mangrove Mountains where he lived and breathed yoga.

Throughout the last 15 years, Diogo has discovered that no matter what style of yoga he practiced, one of the most important elements has always been emotional control. “Yoga keeps me connected to my true essence. It is a sacred tool that raises my self-awareness, helping me act accordingly towards my personal goals. It teaches me how to stay calm in stressful situations, to breath slowly in moments of anxiety, and also how to shift my perspective (by hanging upside down in a headstand position).”

About the livingroom

“The Livingroom has a special energy, that is for sure! It comes from the local community. The people that come here are able to feel it from the moment they walk through the narrow gate next to Barzura.  It feels like we are somewhere in Bali. The livingroom is by far the most authentic yoga studio I have ever stepped into. The space brings together elements in a balanced state – the ocean views symbolising water and movement, the natural stones that bring grounding and stillness to the space.”