Georgia first discovered yoga about eight years ago after she broke her back and was in desperate need of some pain relief and assistance in gaining full mobility back in her body.  After pursuing many avenues, it was yoga that really clicked and became a massive part of her rehabilitation. Having experienced firsthand the incredible impact yoga can have both physically & mentally, Georgia felt the desire to share it with others. She started out teaching family in the lounge room and friends down at the beach before she seriously considered teaching yoga professionally.

Georgia’s qualifications include: Yoga Arts Level One 200 hour Teacher Training- Bali 2016. Training with Louisa Sear, Emil Wendel, Stuart Girling, and Anouk Petzoldt.

“Beyond the physical benefits, yoga is important to me for many reasons. Practising brings me a lot of peace and joy. It’s like one of those good friends who brings out the best in you, keeping me strong, centered, and full of love for life! It’s shaped how I see the world and how I would like to contribute.

What I love most about teaching is being able to empower others to feel really good too. It’s very rewarding to know that yoga can change someone’s day for the better, which no doubt has a ripple effect off the mat and out into the world.”

What makes the Livingroom so special to you?

“The Livingroom is a very special place for me. It’s my second home where I’ve spent countless hours practising, working, playing and socialising. I’ve been a student here for the last seven years since I first moved to Coogee and started working downstairs at Barzura. The last two years I’ve spent working alongside Rod, Mari and all of the wonderful teachers. The community here is like no other and has become like family. It’s my sanctuary by the sea, there’s nothing like breathing in the fresh ocean air and saluting the sun to the sound of the waves.

It’s an absolute honor to teach at The Livingroom. I’ve had the privilege of learning a diverse variety of teachings with some of Sydney’s best yoga teachers here, and now have the opportunity to share my own teachings with the incredibly warm and dedicated students. I’m eternally grateful for The Livingroom, the special people I’ve met and all of the wonderful experiences I’ve had here.”

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