Izabela Brzezinska

Izabela discovered yoga at 13 when she found herself in possession of an introductory yoga book and unknowingly found herself doing salutes to the sun. Already an avid meditator and Buddhist, it made sense. She kept the practice up at irregular intervals and in Australia got hooked on the heat and intensity of Bikram Yoga.  It wasn’t until Izabela became a mum that she started to appreciate the philosophy, steadiness and strength of Hatha Yoga. With an MBA in marketing management and international business law mindset, it took Izabela a very long time to finally admit she wanted to ‘go rouge’ (to quote her mum) and follow her heart.

Izabela’s yoga training was at Prana Space in Rose Bay where she acquired skills in Yoga Therapy, Prenatal, Postnatal and Kids Yoga. Her qualifications include: Hatha Yoga (Prana Space 2013), Prenatal and Postnatal (Ana Davis Baby Bliss 2014), Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy (Elightened Events, 2016), Kids Yoga Teacher (Prana Space 2015) and Naturopath (2017).

“Being so unhappy and searching for such a long time, yoga is my home – my yoke. The meditative aspect of yoga strips down the illusion of life, brings out the truth and can definitely help one get to that holy grail of happiness. And no mater how turbulent my personal life is or how busy my head is, the moment I step on the mat I feel like only my breath matters. I come out ‘clean’ at the end of the practice.”

What makes the livingroom so special to you?

“This place is truly magical and not in that bohemian airy fairy way.  You can feel the calmness wash over you the moment you enter, the view does help of course, but there is also something else that I can’t put a finger on, guess you have to come in to find out.”