• Jane Taylor

Jane Taylor (BSc) started practising pilates fifteen years ago for injury recovery and found the benefits outstanding, particularly in strength development and wellbeing.

Trained as an instructor by renowned teacher/instructor Cynthia Lochard, Jane instructs pilates using authentic exercises designed by Joseph Pilates for beginner and intermediate students. Jane continues her training and professional development to gain further insights into the method, and the ways bodies move and adapt. Her primary aims are individualised care and guidance in a warm encouraging atmosphere.

Pilates is a rich series of exercises that stretch and strengthen muscles across the whole body with a particular emphasis on good core strength. It can improve movement and breathing habits and can be used to complement your other activities. Remedially it can assist after injury or alleviate long-term conditions and at an advanced level it is challenging enough for elite dancers or sportspeople.

About the livingroom

“The livingroom is a wonderful place to practise and teach pilates as the light is abundant and the sound of the waves brings delight to stretching and the people are lovely and come along for so many reasons. The class is filled with a comfortable joy from the tranquillity of the space and sea.”