Kelsey Hendrickson

Kelsey has been practicing and living her yoga for over 10 years, first in Boston, then in New York City and now in Sydney.  She first discovered yoga at the age of 21 where she was looking for an alternative to the gym and was hooked from the very first class.

Kelsey is an ISHTA trained and a certified Vinyasa yoga teacher. ISHTA is a New York City based studio that draws on the principles of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda to inform its practices.  She also has studied yoga therapy.

“Yoga keeps me sane! It creates a space for me to explore who I am as a person and gives me the ability to love myself so that I may better interact and care for those around me.”  Kelsey hopes that by sharing the practice of yoga, she can help lead others on their own journey of self-discovery, transformation and appreciation for the natural beauty of life.

Kelsey encourage students to make their yoga practice a self study, to be continually checking in with what works for their unique minds and bodies.  Her classes include a mixture of breath awareness, mindfulness practices and a little philosophy all delivered with a down to earth and playful attitude.

What makes the livingroom so special to you?

“The students are wonderful! There’s such a community feeling, everyone supporting and uplifting each other.  Plus the prana you draw from the ocean is hard to beat.”