• Roshini McCartin

Roshi’s journey into yoga began over 10 years ago while living in Ireland. She devoted her practice to Bikram Yoga for four years and loved the physical challenge and discipline this style gave her, but she eventually started searching for more. While practising different styles of yoga she one day stepped into an Anusara class with Tahnee Fouriner. Roshi loved the way the class beautifully flowed and the heartfelt theme of the Anusara practice. Roshi knew then that she too wanted to follow this path deeper and share her love of the practice with as many people as possible. Following her inner voice and trusting the pulsation from her heart, she set off to Bali to do a 200-hour Teacher Training with certified Anusara teacher, Bridget Woods Kramer.

Roshi has now been teaching for over 5  years and embraces the practice of yoga into her everyday life. Roshi’s classes are inspired and infused by the seasons, nature and also by what is going on around her energetically. Roshi teaches from her heart and brings a warm and generous presence to the room. She teaches a “conscious vinyasa” class that invites you to open your heart, stretch your mind, breathe and connect back to your sweetest selves.

About the livingroom

“The livingroom has to have the best back drop and view of any other yoga studio I have been too. The healing energy from the ocean allows me as both a student and a teacher to drop into a deeper space of presence and peace. The community and support  is amazing and I feel so blessed every time I show up to teach and practice here.”