Sophie Palmer

The doors to yoga first opened for Sophie in her early 20’s when after a few years of living a busy and fast paced life and working full time in the corporate world, she felt that she was just skimming the surface and that there was more she wanted to be doing. Sophie started to practice yoga and meditation, initially for the physical benefits and seeking relief from stress and fatigue and was surprised at how quickly she started to feel the effects the practice had on a much deeper level.

Sophie has trained intensively with Yoga Arts under Louisa Sear and Lucy Roberts in Bali.

“Everyone’s reasons for stepping onto the yoga mat are many and varied, however for whatever reason you arrive (no matter what age, shape, or level of physical ability), I like to encourage students to look at yoga as a holistic tool for personal transformation, growth and self enquiry – not just in the physical body, rather bringing harmony and connection between the body, heart, mind and soul.  Over time I’ve come to learn that the process of yoga is really about turning inwards. It’s about exploring those sweet moments of stillness, spaciousness, clarity and connection.  And then taking this into our daily lives… It’s here that the real magic can happen!”

What makes the livingroom so special to you?

“For anyone who has stepped foot in the Livingroom you can feel instantly it is an incredibly special and unique space. For me, as I mostly teach early morning classes, to have the pleasure of being in this space, with the sun rising over the ocean, practicing with the beautiful, dedicated yogis who arrive at 5.30am (with warm smiles) – is a really special thing to be a part of.”

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