The Void Immersive Sound Experience | SAT 19 OCT 7-9pm

Posted on Jul 29, 2019

Quantum Sound Meditation 
With Marc Tomkinson of BuddhaBar & Deep House Yoga

Tickets $45-55

Immerse yourself in a ‘Mind Blowing’ sound journey that resonates your entire Body, Mind & Spirit at a cellular level.

An Immersive Sound Experience using neuroscience, audio-technology and brainwave entertainment to deepen your relaxation and revitalise an optimal state of well-being.

This quantum therapy helps slow down your brain waves, unites you with your natural harmony and restores balance. Dissolving the gravity of the mind & body into a complete state of bliss, entering a newfound space of relaxation, healing, clarity & peak performance.

DJ L’espace, Marc Tomkinson will guide you on a 2hr transformational sound journey that transports you to a deep state of relaxation. Experience the latest breakthroughs in brainwave entertainment and ride the sound waves through the universe.

Starting with a brief talk, intention setting and gentile movement exercises. Then just relax, close your eyes and let the sounds wash over you while you dissolve into the VOID for a deep meditative experience.

* Suitable for anyone wishing to release stress, expand their awareness and deepen their relaxation or meditation practice.

Take some time out from your busy life,
Free yourself from the gravity of your mind to RESET,
RECONNECT with your divine self and
REVITALISE your body, mind & spirit.

Reduce Stress
Improve Sleep
Deepen State of Relaxation
Improve Brain Performance
Gain Clarity & Peak Performance
Discover Inner Peace
Improve Health & Wellbeing
Decrease Depressive Symptoms
Improved Mental Health
Calm the Nervous System
Lower Anxiety Levels
Rejuvenate your cells
Personal transformation
DNA Upgrades
Feel Centered, Reset and Connected
Evolve your Brain
Reprogram your Mind
Release Limiting Beliefs
Increased Immune Function
Lower Blood Pressure
Spiritual Experience
Access Higher Awareness
Develop Attention as a Skill
Universal Syncronicity
Life changing Realisations
Reset & recondition the body & mind
Mind Expansion

Marc Tomkinson. Swiss, Australian. DJ/Sound Therapist
Marc is a sound alchemist, offering a modern approach to sound therapy, merging ancient practices with the latest in today’s modern science & technology. With 10+ years experience in health & wellness, yoga, meditation & spirituality. His unique style and ever evolving sounds take you on a transformational journey beyond limitations.

Founder of The VOID Meditation, Deep House Yoga Australia & Buddhabar Australia. With performances at the Mind Body Spirit Festival, Six Senses Laamu, Island Elements Festival to name a few. Marc mixes his passions for music, mental health, movement, yoga, mindfullness & philosophy into a full sensory experience.

Set your intentions and let the sounds resonate . . .

* Booking Essential, Limited Space Available. Tickets on the door if still space.
* Arrive with an open heart & mind
* BYO Water, Blanket. Yoga Mats Provided. Wear warm comfortable clothes.
* Expect the unexpected.
* Please don’t plan too much after the event. You may feel a bit spaced out like after a 1-2hr massage. It’s best to have a good early night sleep and keep hydrated.

Bon Voyage!